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Market Intelligence for Strategy, Sales, Product Management and other Stakeholders in Financial Technology and Financial Services 


Insightful market intelligence is an essential component of effective market positioning -- whether your are a vendor competing in the market, or an investor evaluating disruptive opportunities. The more you know about current and emerging industry trends, competitors' capabilities and intentions, and customer preferences and perceptions, the better you can deploy strategies to achieve your objectives.


At Strategic Business Intelligence, we excel in the qualitative analysis of the financial technology and financial industry - both classic and new. With a specialist's focus on these industries since the early 1990s, we serve a blue chip client base of vendors, financial institutions and investment firms. 

  • Competitor Profiles
  • Product Concept Validation
  • Customer Needs Analysis

Just a few of our clients

Aleri, Inc. Moody's Analytics Sybase
Broadridge Financial Standard & Poors Thomson Reuters
Misys SunGard Capital Markets ValueAct Capital


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