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“SB Intelligence did great primary research for our firm on the portfolio risk management software industry. The insights generated through this research were instrumental as we underwrote a $300m investment. We went back to Maria for follow on research again and would not hesitate to do so in the future for the right opportunity."

 - Partner, $17b Investment Fund



"I first retained the services of Strategic Business Intelligence in 1995 while Business Director for Reuters America and became a client again subsequently when President at Barra International (now part of MSCI) and CEO at mPower (now part of Morningstar). A typical project was one where we asked Maria to quantify the global market requirements for a planned new product. This involved extensive interviews with potential customers and other industry experts. Maria was able to effectively gather competitive intelligence in the European and Asian markets as well as in the U.S. on a pretty complex proposed financial technology product. Her analysis provided us with some key insights as to where to focus our efforts and was of high value for strategic planning at one end of the spectrum and feature/functionality definition at the other. She has a keen understanding of the financial markets, competitive and industry analysis and an extensive network of contacts. She has a fairly unique ability to extract high value information from the interviews she conducts and then to extract key insights from the information gathered. Maria builds strong and productive relationships with her clients and produces high quality results. I have been very satisfied with every project she has produced for me and recommend her highly.”

 - Andrew Huddart, Chairman of the Board, FinAnalytica, New York, NY



“Maria has been a "go to" market researcher for me across many years and a variety of jobs. Maria's ability to efficiently and cost effectively perform secondary research always impresses me. This is only surpassed by the amazing primary research contacts which she routinely delivers. When I need competitive, positioning, business model, market share or general research, Maria is my first call.”

 - Topher (Christopher) Wurts, Senior Marketing and Business Development Strategist, Axioma, Inc., New York, NY



“Strategic Business Intelligence is an invaluable resource for getting fresh insight into the market. Maria was quick to understand our business and what we were looking to learn. With very little guidance from us she was able to formulate and execute a research plan. She helped us gauge market awareness of our product vs. our competitors’ products and the perceived strengths and weaknesses of the various products in the market. The depth of insight that SBI managed to get was far more than if we had tried to conduct the same research ourselves, and it helped us to improve our product and our competitive positioning.”

 - Jeff Wootton, CEP Product Management, Sybase (now SAP), Dublin, CA



"Strategic Business Intelligence has developed a wealth of intelligence in the financial services industry and has become a knowledge expert in a number of areas. I have utilized Maria for many projects, including customer service and satisfaction surveys, competitive landscape issues and the latest trends in outsourcing areas outside of a company's core competence. Maria's work is excellent. I have recommended her to others many times. She is responsive and has always delivered her projects on time and within the agreed budget."

 - Dan Rooney, Director of Sales, Liquidpoint, Chicago, IL



“I contracted with Maria (SBI) for independent market research on two separate occassions and found her work to be incredibly insightful and accurate. Both projects required her to conduct primary market research into key decision makers at brokerage firms and assisted us in formulating our optimal business strategy. One project was buyer behavior which resulted in a new sales strategy. The other project was a market acceptance study for a new business concept. Maria's work is extremely high quality and was always within budget. I would definitely recommend Maria & SBI for your next independent market research project.”

 - Linda Wittich, Senior Vice President, Sales, Correspondent Clearing, Broadridge, New York, NY



“When it comes to business intelligence and market analysis in the financial services industry, there is nothing that compares with Maria's work. She has an extraordinary network of very senior contacts to access the most current information and positioning, an acute analytical mind. Maria has the ability to gather, organize and crunch multiple, complex data sets and present the results in a plain language, straight forward and actionable way. You can easily find more expensive sources and firms with larger marketing budgets, but you will not find better data, analysis and advice anywhere. Bar none. I am a repeat consumer of Maria's intelligence services and I strongly recommend her work.” March 30, 2011

 - Ken Byrne, Managing Director, ConvergEx RealTick, Chicago, IL



"I was first introduced to Strategic Business Intelligence and Maria's capabilities while working at a previous company, a major provider of analytic tools and data to financial professionals. Maria was asked to produce an in-depth analysis of a major competitor in the financial information services industry. This analysis was comprehensive and thorough, and gave us a great insight into the capabilities and intentions of the competition. We were very impressed and pleased with the analysis. When I moved over to a financial information start-up, we needed a thorough analysis of the institutional investor, investment banking and regional brokerage industry, both in terms of market size and end-user workflows and preferences. I strongly recommended Maria to our internal team. She was engaged for the project and produced a top-flight analysis which provided critical input into our market-entry strategy. She has tremendous interviewing skills, a large network of contacts and relationships, and does top-quality work. I plan to utilize Strategic Business Intelligence again in the future, and would recommend her highly. "

 - Ashish Arora, Director, Product Marketing, Financial Engines, Inc., Palo Alto, CA